Calgary / Okotoks Real Estate Heating Up!

So far this morning I have personally SOLD 3 homes. 2 listings Conditionally Sold and one buyer bought. In speaking with Dave Eger of CIR Realty’s South Calgary Office he did mention that he had been involved in a few multiple offer situations this week. In Okotoks Real Estate there were 9 homes reported as Conditionally SOLD at one point this last week.

The time is right for buyers to act. Between now and spring of 2012 is a great time for buyers to jump into the market inorder to buy at the lowest prices offered in the last 4 years or so, and also take advantage of the interest rates being offered at the lowest rates in any of our lifetimes.

If you know of somebody looking to upgrade the time is right. Sell a little low but buy back in the same market, and gain. If you are thinking of upgrading and wait for the market to get better, don’t forget that you will be paying more for your purchase and you will be losing overall.

If you are downsizing, and are not in a big rush to move, maybe you should be waiting for a slightly better market to benefit form selling higher. Even though you may pay slightly more, you may benefit overall from waiting to sell at higher prices. If you need to move keep in mind that a good agent will work hard to get you the most amount of money for the sale of your existing home, and then work hard to negotiate the lowest price possible for your new purchase. A good REALTOR is going to be well worth the fees they charge to sell your home. Key word: “good” lol.

First time buyers and people looking to upgrade their homes should get off the fence and get moving before hte market increases. Alberta is going to boom again. 

Correct me if I am wrong.