I scared myself today.

Well today is my second day of life as a 38 year old and I honestly thought it could have been my last. I thought I would do what a good family man does and put up some Christmas Lights before the rest of the family came home.

Well the main level of the house at the front was no problem, but when I went to install the lights on the 2nd story that’s when it got interesting. 

I used an extension ladder to reach the roof above the garage, then I pulled the ladder up to that level and used it to access the rooftop of the house. The ladder was stable, and I used the proper ladder jacks to support it on the roof, but I will tell you that it was a bit of a task getting from the ladder to the roof. I was up against the gable end and had to creep along a narrow piece of the roof likely only a foot wide and sloped to boot. Well those who know me know that I am likely thicker than a foot……So I made it up there with a backpack full of lights, clips, and cords, but when I approached the back side of the house I soon realised that I was on the roof of a 2 storey house with a walkout basement and the roof pitch must be an 8/12. That’s pretty steep. As I leaned over to install the first clip on the gutter I soon realised that this was frickin nuts and I was scared.

I packed my bag and headed back towards the ladder. When I reached the ladder I was freaked out. I had to drop off of the gable roof, onto the narrow, steep ledge, and shimmy towards the top of the ladder while holding onto a roof shingle so that I didn’t fall backwards. Then I had to blindly step onto the top rung while the 2 ladder legs straddled the peak of the roof that was one storey below. What a rush lol.

I soon realised that I am a REALTOR and not quite as handy or as crazy as I once was. There are professionals who install Christmas Lights, and I am not one of them.

Tomorrow I plan to hire somebody to do the light installation for me while I sell a home. That’s working smarter than I worked today.

I must be getting old.