The Most Amazing Real Estate Lawyer EVER. @agkeirstead

How many Realtors can tell you that they use a lawyer that closes a deal before noon, and makes sure that your commissions make it to the brokerage and get paid out on the same day of the possession? I CAN and his name is Andrew Keirstead. Andrew is a fantastic guy and I constantly receive rave reviews from my clients who are smart enough to take my advice and use him for closing theie Real Estate transactions. Andrew has been a huge asset to my Calgary Real Estate Business and I would highly recommend him for yours. Andrew also does Civil Litigation as well as Wills and Estates. Don’t let his diversification fool you…..he is EXELLENT at his job. Andrew can be reached at 403 271 3221 Firm name is Thornborough Smeltz see more here:

If you are thinking of buying or selling this is only one of the reasons to work with us. We have aligned ourselves with the best service providers in the industry. I always say: “Over the years we have weeded out all of the boneheads” LOL! If you are making a move it is your Realtor’s job to make it as smooth and easy as possible.